A playable sci-fi novel/game

Peek is an entertaining game for exploring the complexities and twisted narratives of the future. Players can be smaller (2-4) or larger groups (6-12). For ages 12 and up, due to some adult themes (but you can always remove those cards if you wish).

Peek contains 129 tarot-sized cards with original art and story

  • 52 Report cards
  • 25 Feelings cards
  • 30 Entities cards
  • 8 time period fold-over cards
  • 4 Get Critical cards
  • 32 Cite tokens (4 colours, same as Report periods x 8 of each type)
  • 1 Introduction and Story Booklet
  • 1 Rules and Quickstart Booklet

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The Story of The Peek

In the future, scientists have invented a device called the Peek that lets you peek into the possible future. You put the device over your head - it's like a helmet that blocks your eyes and ears. When you dial in to a future time it gives you a *glimpse* into that world: a place, a person, a specific feeling about their situation.

Special scientists called Future Archaeologists (FAs) have been using this device to comb the future for lessons about what might happen to us. They take their Glimpses of people, things, feelings, sensations, places & situations and collaboratively write stories about them. The best of these Reports are combined into a Future Library of knowledge, helping inform the Council of World Governments about the best courses of action to take.

Your task, as a group of Future Archaeologists, is to *peek into the future* and write some compelling Reports. The politicians are easily bored, so your Report must be not only be accurate but also creative and entertaining! Anyone can look at the future and write down details. The best FAs can connect the dots to see patterns that others easily miss, and present them in a narrative that anyone can follow.

When writing your Report, you can use everyone's (Entities, Feelings, Contexts) to help corroborate your story. You can cite any parts of previous Reports. Using other people's observations and writings makes your case stronger and more believable.

Team members will evaluate your story and choose the best one. This Report will represent your group research, and enter the World Government's official Future Library for others to read. You’re all on the same team so everyone’s story has to be good. Telling the best rated story might even get your team promoted!

Peek was Spoke

Peek used to be called Spoke.
See a presentation on Spoke and its influences from Dorkbot London

Spoke debuted at the 2018 V&A Digital Design Weekend

Besides the V&A, Spoke has been publicly playtested at:

More about Peek

Our collective imagination of how future humans will live with technology and a changing environment seems to be mired in a dystopian swamp. Where are the positive futures? What will they really feel like, taste like, sound like? How will people and non-humans really live in them?

We tend to have a blind spot for the future. Tim Harford pointed out that even in the landmark sci-fi film Blade Runner “...when asked to picture how everyday life might look in a society sophisticated enough to build such biological androids, our imaginations falter.” The lead character uses a pay phone to communicate, a device that has been obsolete well before intelligent androids can be developed.

In Peek, we give players the tools to create future story-worlds quickly and enjoyably. Players generate creative and provocative stories by combining classic storytelling elements like characters, conflict, meaning, and context using informative cards.

Story elements have a rigour and realness to them because they were inspired by actual research into AI and machine learning, climate science and other major driving forces of our future world. The devil is in the details.